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NLTP 2021–24 $290 million target investment

This investment management activity class covers three main activities:

  • Transport planning
  • Sector research
  • Investment in the funding allocation system.

During the 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), we’re planning to invest $290 million in this activity class.

Our investment in transport planning will focus on the work required to develop future NLTPs. This includes identifying the projects and programmes needed to meet our climate change obligations, delivering a transport system that provides travel choice and supporting regions to implement their spatial plans.

Through the sector research programme we manage, we’ll invest in applied research across a wide range of land transport topics to deliver on the priorities of the Transport Evidence Base Strategy.

As part of our business planning and financial management, we develop and manage investment in the funding allocation system. This is included within the current Waka Kotahi Statement of performance expectations agreed with the Minister of Transport. This also covers the development and management of the NLTP and work to fulfil our legislative functions including ‘to assist, advise and cooperate with approved organisations’.

Some of our nationally delivered programmes also sit in this activity class, including the innovation programme which supports transformative ideas to improve transport options, and could include using new technologies or business models.

Our innovation programme has a collaborative approach, bringing together both private sector and academic innovators, and will also work closely with the Ministry of Transport, Local Government New Zealand and others. Innovation projects will be funded from the most relevant activity class.