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All vehicles that are required to pay road user charges must be fitted with a distance recorder. The distance recorder must accurately provide a reliable record of the distance travelled.

Every vehicle over 3.5 tonnes that requires a road user charges distance licence must also be fitted with an approved hubodometer, or an approved electronic distance recorder.


Hubodometers must be calibrated to read in kilometres for the appropriate sized tyre and have a unique manufacturer's serial number inside the casing of the meter. If the tyres fitted are an ‘odd’ size, contact us.

A hubodometer must be fitted at all times, (to a non-lifting axle) on the left hand side of the vehicle, unless special approval is granted by the Transport Agency. Call the RUC contact centre for more information.

The Road User Charges Act 2012 prohibits the fitting of the hubodometer to a vehicle if the hubodometer was previously fitted to another vehicle and that vehicle is still registered under Part 17 of the Land Transport Act 1998. Special cases for exemption may be considered by the Transport Agency.

When a hubodometer is lost or damaged and/or found to be faulty, you will need to replace it and fit it to the vehicle and purchase a RUC licence that relates to the replacement hubodometer. A change of hubodometer form (RUCHO) will need to be completed. Forms are available from RUC agents or from the RUC contact centre.

If there is any unused distance left on the licence purchased for the lost or unusable hubodometer, the amount may be refunded once the RUCHO form is received at the Transport Agency and audited.

Approved hubodometers

The following hubodometers have been approved by the Transport Agency:

  • Abbott
  • Accu-Trak
  • Argo
  • Chicago Rawhide
  • Datatrac Pro NZ
  • Engler
  • Jost
  • Macro
  • Mechanex
  • Stemco
  • Trailmark
  • Veeder Root

Approved electronic system providers

Eroad Ltd

  • Ehubo1
  • Ehubo2
  • Tubo

For more information about EROAD Limited and the approved electronic distance recorders: link) or call 08004EROAD.

Coretex Ltd

  • iBright EDR

For more information about Coretex Limited and the approved electronic distance recorders: link) or call 0800 8353628.

Picobyte Solutions Ltd (formerly Mobile Intelligence Ltd)

  • RUC Monkey

For more information about Picobyte Solutions Ltd and the approved electronic distance recorder: link) or call 0800 437 212.

Navman Wireless NZ (trading as Teletrac Navman)

  • EDR1
  • EDR2

For more information about Teletrac Navman and the approved electronic distance recorders link) or 0800 447735

Want to become an electronic distance recorder provider?

Read the electronic road user charges code of practice [PDF, 1.3 MB]