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While this investment proposal is similar to those made by our transport sector partners, it is a fictitious example. To get the best understanding of how we might apply the IAF, please also read the IAF. You may also find it helpful to refer to the results alignment criteria in the IAF which you will find on our website’s Planning and Investment Knowledge Base page.

Investment Assessment Framework 2018–21 NLTP [PDF, 707 KB]
Planning and Investment Knowledge Base

The proposal

We have received a proposal to fund a number of electric vehicle charging stations in a high-growth urban area. The proposal identifies a local government objective to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in the region. It also highlights that the lack of electric vehicle charging stations doesn’t give consumers confidence to purchase electric vehicles.

Applying the IAF to this proposal

We begin our consideration of this proposal by checking if this issue aligns with our policy. Our policy requires us to invest in public assets and services that are continually available for public use. This means the Transport Agency would not fund electric vehicle charging stations as private assets.

Then we look at the option of the Transport Agency itself owning and operating the electric vehicle charging station. Our view is that where the private sector is already active in addressing this need, we would not interfere in the marketplace.

An exception to this might be where the investment was required to complete the network and the private sector was unwilling to provide the infrastructure and service. We are aware that other government agencies do have a mandate to provide local authorities with support in this area, and would recommend that you explore this avenue.

This is a good example of a problem that needs critical thinking in order to identify the most appropriate investors.

We hope you found the information useful and please remember to take a look at our other examples of how we apply the IAF.

Examples of how we apply the IAF

If you have any questions about this information, or want to understand more about what we can invest in and how we can support your work, please contact your investment advisor, or Director Regional Relationships, or email us at