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You must hold it for 3 years

Who is a zero alcohol licence issued to

A zero alcohol licence is issued to:

  • drivers who have been given a zero alcohol sentence by the courts, or
  • drivers who have been given an alcohol interlock sentence by the courts and who have been approved to exit the alcohol interlock licence stage of the alcohol interlock programme.

If you have a zero alcohol licence, you are required to hold the licence for three years, during which time you must maintain a zero alcohol limit while driving.

The zero alcohol licence process

There are a number of stages involved in obtaining your zero alcohol licence.

Stage 1: zero alcohol licence application

Either on completion of the alcohol interlock licence stage of the alcohol interlock programme or if you have been given a standalone zero alcohol sentence, you will need to apply for your zero alcohol licence at a driver licensing agent.

You will need to:

If you are required to re-sit tests to reinstate your licence because of the length of prior disqualification(s), you will also be required to pass the relevant tests and pay associated fees before your zero alcohol licence can be issued.

Your zero alcohol licence will be pink and will display the zero alcohol condition, which means you are subject to a zero alcohol limit while driving.

Note: If you have an alcohol interlock licence, you are still subject to the conditions of your alcohol interlock licence (ie you can only drive vehicles fitted with an alcohol interlock device) until you have applied for and been issued with your zero alcohol licence.

Stage 2: zero alcohol licence completion

You must hold your zero alcohol licence for a period of three years. Any period where your licence is not current (eg suspended or disqualified) does not count toward the three year period. During the three year period, you can undertake most driver licence transactions (eg replace your licence, get a new class or endorsement, or reinstate your licence should you have a further suspension or disqualification).

You will not be able to renew your licence as the three year licence term is a fixed mandatory period where the zero alcohol limit must apply. At the end of the three year licence term, the zero alcohol licence will expire and you will become unlicensed. You will need to reinstate to a standard licence if you wish to continue driving.

Stage 3: standard licence

To reinstate a standard licence you will need to apply at a driver licensing agent. You'll need to pay the reinstatement fee of $66.40, complete the administration requirements and have a new standard licence issued before you can return to driving.

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