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To use the TORO service, registered users must log on using their account number and password.

In the Log on field, enter your TORO account number.

In the Password field, enter your TORO password.


The password is made up of six or seven characters and can be alpha, numeric or alphanumeric. If you cannot remember the password to operate your account, you should contact the nominated ‘Contact Person’ within your organisation in the first instance.

It is recommended that the initial password provided by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is changed immediately. Details of the account number and password should only be released to authorised personnel within your organisation. The Change password function can be used to change your password at any time.

Browser 'back' button

To navigate between screens, we recommend that you use the menu on the left hand side, rather than your browser 'back' button. In some instances the 'back' button on your browser may not work.

To add new drivers

Go to the DL list maintenance function and enter the driver licence number of the employee to be added. You will also need to enter the surname of the driver to validate that the correct licence number has been provided. This will ensure that your employees are correctly linked to your company.

To remove linked drivers

Go to the DL list maintenance function and enter the driver licence number of the employee to be removed. You will also need to enter the surname of the driver to ensure that the correct licence is deleted from your company records. If a driver works for your company on a seasonal basis, you may choose to retain his or her link to your company on a permanent basis, or ‘add/remove’ when required.

A driver can be linked to a number of companies, but you will only be able to receive information about those drivers linked to your company.

How to make inquiries

Select the DL status inquiry function and enter the driver licence number, version number and the driver's name. The system will validate that the driver licence number matches the named driver to ensure the correct information is being provided.

Full details of the licence status including classes of licences held, endorsements and conditions will be provided in the results displayed.

If you do not have the driver licence number and version number, you may make an inquiry using the full name and date of birth of the driver. For this query to be successful, the details must relate to a unique driver i.e., only one person of that name and date of birth on the Driver Licence Register.

The licence status can be checked for either an existing driver or any potential new driver, provided you have the signed consent of the driver to make the inquiry.

Obtaining a list of all employees

Select the Operator DL list function and select Display the list on your screen or Download the list to your computer. By selecting Display the list on your screen you will be able to view the licence status of each of the employees listed. By selecting the name or the driver licence number of the employee you will be navigated from the Operator DL list screen to the DL status inquiry screen.

Note, in order to view the licence status of another employee from the list, we advise you to select the Operator DL list function again from the menu located on the left hand side of the screen. We do not recommend the use of your browser 'back' button as in some instances it may not work.

Automatic notification of licence status change

The NZTA will automatically advise any company where a change in licence status or medical conditions occurs for a linked driver.

The notification of a change in licence status will be emailed.

The NZTA will also automatically advise any company when a linked drivers passengers endorsement is about to expire.

Automatic notification of warning or suspension

The NZTA will automatically advise any company where a Demerit Point Warning or Suspension letter is generated for a linked driver.

The notification will be emailed.


Either one or a number of conditions may be recorded against a single driver licence. The following breakdown is provided to assist you in determining which condition relates to the driver licence being queried.

Condition Description
A Vehicle to have external rear vision mirror on drivers side
B Correcting lenses must be used at all times while driving
C Specifically adapted or equipped vehicles to be used
D A hearing aid must be worn at all times while driving
E Artificial limb or limbs to be worn while driving
F No night driving
G Limited licence - Court Order must be carried at all times
H Only vehicles with hand operated controls to be used
I Only vehicle with automatic transmission to be used
J Medical certificate must be produced before licence renewal
K Correcting lenses required for this class/endorsement
L Distance restriction
M Subject to 3 monthly medical reports
N Subject to annual specialist assessment
O Must work regular shifts
P Must have regular meals
Q Driving hours restriction
R Vehicle weight restriction
S Must drive with an adult supervisor
U Both sides of the vehicle require external rear vision mirrors
W Carry & regularly use Glucometer while driving
X No alcohol for 12 hours preceding driving
Y Not to drive when blood sugar 4.2 or less
Z No ambulance driving
ZL Subject to zero alcohol level
AL Only vehicles with an alcohol interlock device to be driven