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What is a transport service licence and why is it needed for TORO?

A transport service licence (TSL) is required for any individual or company who operates a goods service, a vehicle recovery service, a passenger service, or a rental service and allows these companies to meet the rules and regulations to be a compliant business. 

Find out more about about transport service licences

Apply for a transport service licence online(external link)

As a transport operator there are certain rules and regulations that must be meet and one of the rules is to make sure that only licensed drivers are driving their company vehicles, and to monitor their drivers' licence status and activity. TORO (Transport Organisation Register Online) is an online service of the NZ Transport Agency that allows transport service licence holders to check the licence details to meet compliance of these rules and regulations.

What information is provided in TORO?

  • What licence classes and endorsements they hold.
  • Whether there are any conditions on their licence.
  • The status of their licence (eg whether they have been disqualified or suspended from driving, whether their licence has been revoked or has expired).
  • If a warning letter has been issued because they have exceeded 50 demerit points.
  • If a suspension letter has been issued because they have exceeded 100 demerit points.
  • If their passenger endorsement is due to expire soon.
  • If a medical condition has been added, or existing medical condition has changed.

What do the licence statuses mean?

Current - The licence is valid for driving.

Expired - The person is unlicensed and they are required to process a renewal application to legally continue driving.

Cancelled - The licence record has been cancelled and the person is not legally allowed to drive.

Surrendered - The person has surrendered their licence as they no longer wish to continue driving. The person is unlicensed and can no longer legally drive.

Revoked - The person is unlicensed and is not legally allowed to drive. The licence has been taken from the person for a specific reason (e.g. not medically fit to drive).

Disqualified - The person is unlicensed due to a disqualification issued by the courts.

Suspended - The person is unlicensed due to a suspension. The two most common types of suspension are:

  • 3 month demerit suspension issued for excess demerit points
  • 28 day road side suspension for a serious driving offence (eg. driving while intoxicated)

Reinstate - The person is unlicensed to drive until they complete a reinstatement application at one of our driver licensing agents. This status appears once a 3 month demerit suspension or disqualification less than 12 months has ended.

Limited - A limited licence has been issued and the licence holder must drive according to the conditions outlined on their court order (issued by the courts).

Requalify - The person is unlicensed and is not legally allowed to drive. Licence holder is required to re-sit tests in order to make their licence current.

What do the error codes mean?

Error Code - 59038    Invalid driver licence details entered 

Check that the licence details being entered are correct.  Things to consider are:

  • Licence number – needs to be 2 letters and 6 numbers.
  • Surname – make sure you are entering it exactly how it is on the Driver Licence and need to be the full surname as shown at number 1 on the licence card.
  • If you are still getting this error code then it is the version number that is not valid. When a new photo driver licence is issued (due to being misplaced, disqualified, or expired), the version number of the last photo driver licence is cancelled and a new version number is issued with the new licence.  Check licence details with licence holder as they may have another photo licence with a different version number.

Error Code - 59034     DL number does not match name entered

Check licence number and surname as above. Most common mistake is not entering surname as it appears on photo licence card. Or person has changed their name but is still using a photo licence card under their old name.

Error Code - 51098     No matching identities found or
Error Code - 54004     No match found

No match under name search. Person does not hold a New Zealand drivers licence under that name.

Error Code - 59029     More than one match found

This error is when a search by name and date of birth has been done but the system cannot find an exact record.  For a name and date of birth search to be successful there needs to be one unique record matching all the details on the driver licence register.  If there is not one unique record this error message will be display and no results can be obtained.  This is a security measure to avoid returning a result for an incorrect driver licence record.  In this case you would need to do a search using the driver licence number as this is unique to each driver licence holder.

Error Code 5102- invalid user ID / Password

Password cannot be the same as any previous passwords.

Why is the version number wrong when I’m looking at the driver licence card?

If a customer has applied for a new licence their old version number is cancelled and a new licence is issued with a different version number.  This is a security measure to make sure that all licence holders are using their most recent version of their driver’s licence.  Sometimes licence holders can be using an old driver’s licence without realising it is not their most recent version.  If the licence holder wants to query if they have been sent a more recent photo drivers licence they can call 0800 822 422 Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

When will I be notified of a change in licence status? And how do I get this information?

The company will be sent a notification when the change happens in the Driver Licence Register.   A report is run each morning with the changes that have occurred the previous day and overnight on the licence register.  You will receive the notification via email. 

Why has my employee said they were suspended or disqualified days ago but we have not been notified yet?

We can only notify companies when the change happens in Driver Licence Register.  They have to be served and then we have to be notified of the suspension and then we update Driver Licence Register and that is when the notification is sent to companies.  This can take a couple of days from when the driver is served the suspension to when the change happens in the Driver Licence Register.

What if I am wanting additional information that TORO doesn’t provide?

Section 199 specifies what information can be released from the driver licence register.  Therefore we can only advise certain information under this legislation.  Any additional information would need to be provided to you from the licence holder. 

How do I add/remove driver?

To add driver: Choose the ‘DL List Maintenance’ option on the left-hand menu. Enter the details of the driver you wish to add, click on ‘Add Drivers Licence Number to Operator List’ and click ‘Submit’.

To remove driver: Choose the ’DL List Maintenance’ option on the left-hand menu. Enter the details of the driver you wish to remove, click on ‘Remove Drivers Licence Number from Operator List’ and click ‘Submit’.

How do I know what the status of the licence is when I add the driver to our driver list?

When adding a driver to your driver check you will not be advised what the status is at that time so we do recommend you complete a driver inquiry at the same time so that you can see the status of the licence.  It is important to check the status when you add the driver because if their licence is disqualified/suspended at the time you add them you will not get a notification that they are suspended/disqualified as the status has not changed since you added them. 

How do I check who is on my driver list?

Log into your Driver Check/ TORO account and choose the ‘Operator DL List’ option on the left-hand menu. You will be given the option of either viewing the list on your screen or downloading it onto your computer.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Email with the company name and login and it will be reset.

How do I change my password?

Once you log into your account, you can use the ‘Change Password’ function on the left-hand menu to change your password at any time.  Please note that you cannot use any previous passwords.

Can I add or remove more than one driver at a time?

No. There is no function in place to add or remove more than one driver at a time. The system is design to be manual entry as it is a way to make sure the correct details are being entered to safeguard against incorrect driver licence records being added or removed.

Does the supervisor condition apply to the whole licence or just certain classes?

At this stage the driver check system does not specify what classes the supervisor condition relates to. 

Please refer to the back of the photo driver licence where it will say what classes the condition applies to.