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Note: Please be aware that the ORS is currently undergoing a review. The Transport Agency is advising operators and customers that they should no longer rely on ORS as an accurate measure of safety and compliance.

How we will notify you

Under the Operator Rating System (ORS) we'll write to transport service operators every six months to let you know what your proposed rating is and how we calculated it from certificate of fitness (CoF), roadside inspection and offence data. Our notice will also include a list of any crashes in which your vehicle has been involved, although these won't be part of the rating calculation.

For each rating period, we welcome your feedback on any errors or omissions found in an operator's rating, so that these can be considered and corrected as soon as possible.

Read more about how we calculate ORS ratings 
Find out more about querying an ORS rating

Are the ORS ratings published?

We currently do not publish ORS ratings – they are between you, the NZ Transport Agency, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the New Zealand Police. 

Will they be published in the future?

Ratings may be published in the future, but if you are an operator, you will be notified well in advance of your rating being published.

The original intention of the ORS was for the Transport Agency to publish operator ratings on a website. More recently, we have decided that the ORS needs to be used to assess how the entire sector is performing, not just operators, so we are going to look at how publishing could give best effect for the whole sector.

Can you publish your own rating?

Yes, you can publicise your own rating once it has been made final, as long as the published rating accurately reflects the latest rating advised to you by the Transport Agency.