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High productivity motor vehicles and permits

In this section you can find all the relevant information about high-productivity motor vehicles (HPMVs), including how to apply for a permit, commonly asked questions, and maps that show which routes have been approved so far.

If you want to carry divisible loads, such as logs, milk powder or freight, more productively, you may be able to operate on an HPMV permit.

Current heavy vehicle permit detours

Review of the performance of HPMV’s

In September 2011 and May 2014, the Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport completed a monitoring, evaluation and review of the implementation of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule.

The review considered the economic impact, impact on infrastructure, impact on safety, operator experience, RCA feedback, Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (Police) feedback, and ongoing reporting frameworks.

Download the Monitoring, evaluation and review of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule report as at 30 April 2013 [PDF, 7.3 MB]

Download the Monitoring, evaluation and review of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule report as at 30 April 2011 [PDF, 223 KB]

What has changed?

One of the key changes in the amended rule is to allow divisible loads to go over 44 tonnes and have longer than current ‘as-of-right’ lengths, but only with a permit and only on roads approved as suitable for such trucks. The as-of-right weight limit for trucks is unchanged at 44 tonnes – the total length limit for most combinations is still 20 metres.

There is also a change in the as-of-right lengths for some trucks that have been operating under an overlength permit, such as logging trucks. Those trucks can now be 22 metres as of right.

The permit systems for indivisible overweight and overdimension loads are unchanged

Read more about overdimension and overweight loads

How to apply for an HPMV permit

HPMV permits will be approved for suitable vehicles carrying divisible loads of economic importance. Permitted vehicles must also be able to travel on routes that are suitable for the vehicle and load being approved.

Important information before applying for a permit

As well as ensuring that your vehicle and its load comply with the dimensions requirements in the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016, you must also check the route you intend to operate on to ensure compliance with section 2.1 (1) of the rule, to make sure your vehicle and its load is manoeuvrable, fits safely on the road and interacts safely with other road users. Failure to meet this requirement can result in an infringement note being issued.

1. Obtain a heavy vehicle attributes certification

Before you apply for an HPMV permit, you will need to obtain a high productivity motor vehicle attributes check from an approved heavy vehicle specialist certifier. If you cannot locate a certifier near you, please check with your regional Transport Agency office.

Download a list of certifiers [PDF, 268 KB]

2. Apply for your HPMV permit online

Use our Heavy Vehicle Permit Portal to apply for your permit(external link)

Download the user guide on how to use the Heavy Vehicle Permit Portal [PDF, 908 KB]

More information for applicants

For detailed information about HPMV permits and how to apply, read the Vehicle dimensions and mass permitting manual.

23–25 metre vehicles

Due to lane width issues, no HPMV permits will be issued for 23–25 metre vehicles. For more information, read our questions and answers about HPMV.

Contact a Transport Agency permit issuing officer

If you need help with your application, or want to provide feedback on the application process, please contact us through the below channels.

Help with applications



0800 699 000





Full HPMV network map

Full HPMV refers to the routes where bridges have been upgraded allowing heavier loads to use them.

Read more

Axle weight flexibility for HPMV permits

Information about what axle weight flexibility is and what options there are when you apply for an HPMV permit.

Read more

Funding high productivity motor vehicle routes

Find out about the funding road controlling authorities can apply for from the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) for HPMV routes.

Read more

Additional information

For more information, see: